Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 – Episode Notes

S1 - E10 - Jennifer Johnson

Taking the Interview Virtual with Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, CEO and Founder of Calibrate Legal, gives expert tips on nailing that virtual job interview and becoming a Revenue Enabler™. Jen also makes some predictions on how COVID will impact the future of the legal marketing profession.

Jen’s recommended thought leaderships resources:

S1 - E9 - Amy Verhulst

Growing your Leadership Capacity and Keeping it Real with Amy Verhulst

Amy Verhulst, solo marketer and 2020 LMASW Region President, talks about how she tackles her voluminous task list and has increased her leadership capacity. Amy also shares practical tips for juggling career goals, volunteer roles, parenting duties, online schooling, and all the other things.

Amy Verhulst’s thought leadership recommendations on career development and increasing your leadership capacity:

S1 - E8 - Dave Poston

Thriving at the Intersection of BD and PR

Public relations expert, Dave Poston, provides communications advice for the next phases of COVID-19 and shares how to effectively marry PR and business development strategies to raise your firm’s profile and even engage new clients..

Dave’s thought leadership recommendations on leadership and life:

S1 - E7 - Heather Morse

Creating Community and Building Resilience

Trying to survive a pandemic while working from home is challenging. Listen as seasoned legal marketer, author, and Legal Marketers Extraordinaire co-founder, Heather Morse, talks with Jessica and Vanessa about creating community and building resilience.

Heather’s thought leadership recommendations on building resilience and leadership:

S1 - E6 - Lynn Foley

Here’s To Your Health: Tackling Triage Triggers

Lynn Foley, CEO and co-founder of fSquared marketing, discusses the results of her company’s recent survey on the health and wellness of legal marketers. A former legal marketer, Lynn not only sheds light on this very important topic, she also gives practical tips on how to take back your health.

S1 - E5 - Jill Huse

Keep calm and market on

Jill Huse, co-founder of Society 54 and LMA board president, provides sound advice on working remotely and adding value during these uncertain times. BD efforts can (and should) continue during a global pandemic. Jill also provides more insight on the postponed LMA Annual Conference and gives a preview about this week’s LMA Coronavirus Crisis Communications webinar. 

Jill’s book recommendations:  
S1 - E4 - Brenda Plowman

Creating space for client experience

Vanessa and Jessica sit down with Brenda Plowman, CMO of Fasken, to talk about how to plan and execute a client experience program. She takes us through her firm’s recent rebrand and breaks down how crucial client experience is to the future success of a firm. Brenda also shares her approach to having balance in her life, finding joy, and creating space for creativity.

Brenda’s book recommendations:  
S1 - E3 - Carman Akins

Rock that new job without rocking the boat

Carman Jackson Akins talks with Jessica and Vanessa about how to take control of your own career trajectory and advocate for yourself in the workplace. Whether you are interviewing for a new job or have been at your position for 5 years, Carman’s sage advice is insightful.

Carman’s book recommendations on taking control of your career trajectory:  

    S1 - E2 - Jen Bankston Part 2

    In Part 2 of Vanessa and Jessica’s interview of Jen Bankston, President of Bankston Marketing Solutions, Jen talks about taking control of your own professional development, weighing the pros and cons of relocating for job opportunities, and moving out of your comfort zone.

    Jen’s Book Recommendations on Career Development:

    S1 - E1 - Jen Bankston Part 1

    In this episode Vanessa and Jessica sit down with Jen Bankston, President of Bankston Marketing Solutions about her journey to legal marketing and the advice she received along the way to own her personal and professional development.

    Jen’s Book Recommendations on Career Development:

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