Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 – Episode Notes

S2 – E6 – Annie Scranton

I Wanna be on TV with Annie Scranton

Powerhouse publicist and PR expert Annie Scranton gives us tips for landing TV interviews and leveraging media opportunities. She also shares insider stories from her days as a TV producer.

Check out these resources and recommendations made by Annie Scranton:


S2 - E5 - Gina Rubel

One Year into COVID with Gina Rubel

Entrepreneur, PR extraordinaire and fellow podcaster, Gina Rubel, shares her vision for the future, including opportunities and new realities. She also provides practical advice for launching a podcast.

Check out these resources and recommendations made by Gina Rubel:


S2 - E4 - Elizabeth Brick

Standing Out in a Satellite Office with Elizabeth Brick

In-house legal marketer and self-professed data geek Elizabeth Brick shares insightful truths about making your mark working out of a satellite office, and she gives three solid tips for setting yourself up for career success.

Check out these recommendations made by Elizabeth Brick:


S2 - E3 - David Ackert

Coaching Through the Conundrum with David Ackert

What does psychology, ballet and BD have in common? A lot more than you might think. In this episode, Vanessa and Jessica talk with business development coach and techprenuer David Ackert of Ackert Inc. about coaching lawyers through business development strategies and how legal marketers can help prepare their attorneys for success.

David’s recommended thought leadership resources:

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S2 - E2 - Liz Tran

Life After Legal with Liz Tran

In this episode, Vanessa and Jessica talk with Liz Tran about her time as a legal marketer and life after legal, working in marketing roles for accounting and technology companies. We also get into her life as a reality TV star!


American Marketing Association,
Serious Decisions,

S2 - E1 - Micah Petrea

Making it Work with Micah Petrea

We kick off Season 2 of The Legal Slant with solo legal marketer, sound engineer, and musician Micah Petrea. Listen to Micah as he shares the tips and tricks that every marketer needs to know to be productive, stay on budget, and positively impact revenue generation. Get your pen and paper ready!

Micah Petrea’s suggestions for small firm marketing resources include: